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Mission and Philosophy

A non-profit association of eye care providers that works to ensure the success of independent vision care and eye care professionals.

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Primary Health Care

Contracted Vision Services is the only segment of U.S. health care where insurance premiums continue to decline. The delivery of routine exams contact lenses and glasses is being commoditized by technology and the internet. Vision insurance companies are taking advantage of the lower costs by replacing the traditional independent Provider with their own 'in-house' Provider. By providing more specialized eye care and getting more involved in primary health care, an Optometrist can increase his/her value to their community and reduce their dependence on vision insurance patients. 

Prevent Blindness Texas

"Eradicate" is the new word among successful non-profits thanks to the efforts of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and several other billionaire philanthropists. Please join Integrated Eye Care Collaborative in supporting Prevent Blindness Texas in their efforts to eradicate preventable blindness in our state. Texas