The disruption of professional
optometry continues at blinding speed.

Contracted Vision Services is the only segment of U.S. health care where insurance premiums continue to decline. The delivery of routine exams contact lenses and glasses is being commoditized by technology and the internet. Vision insurance companies are taking advantage of the lower costs by replacing the traditional independent Provider with their own ‘in-house’ Provider.

IECC began to combat this escalating disruption of professional optometry by creating
opportunities to increase revenue per patient and reduce expenses. We have programs that
help Optometrists in several ways.

Advantages of IECC


IECC has teamed up with practice consultants that will help Members provide a premium employee benefit package, 3rd party credentialing services, HIPAA compliancy billing services and more.


IECC can assist doctors looking for consultants to help build efficiencies in their practice to increase EBITDA, revenues and marketability. 


IECC can assist Optometric Physicians wanting to expand their scope of practice to include allergy, dry eye, behavioral health and/or general wellness services.