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‘Eradicate’ is the new word among successful non-profits thanks to the efforts of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation © and several other billionaire philanthropists. 

Please join Integrated Eye Care Collaborative in supporting Prevent Blindness Texas in their efforts to eradicate preventable blindness in our state.

How to get involved:

As a Prevent Blindness Supporting Eye Care professional:

  • Agree to provide a maximum of 10 pro bono vision screening per month.
  • Agree to provide a pro bono eye exam to qualified candidates once a month.
  • Come to as many charity events as you can.

Why get involved:

Out of 28 million Texans, six million will feel the effects of severe vision loss by the year 2050. Yes, one in five who read this will have their lives permanently changed by preventable blindness if we don’t improve interventions now. Eye health is a critical component of living a quality life and improving one's overall health. Uncorrected vision problems can impair child development, interfering with learning, and even lead to permanent vision loss; early detection and treatment are critical. By helping to eliminate the gap of undiagnosed vision problems, we can help children learn more effectively and change their future.

Want to Help?

Email, call or fax to:


1600 N.E. Loop 410, Suite 125
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone : 210-236-7361
Fax : 210-236-7671

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1387 Sattler Road
Sattler, Texas 78132
Phone : 830-964-6444
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