Independent Provider Association

Mission and Philosophy

A non-profit association of eye care providers that works to ensure the success of independent vision care and eye care professionals.

Integrated Eye Care Collaborative, Inc. (IECC) was formed as a non-profit, non-stock corporation and structured so that every Participating Provider automatically becomes a voting member of the association. Since only Participating Providers are defined as owners, IECC will always be 100% owned and controlled by practicing eye care professionals. With only one type of owner, a practicing eye care professional, we avoid potential conflicts of interests between investors and Providers.

Investor owned health care and vision care companies work to keep profits high by keeping reimbursements as low as possible. We have found this conflict of interest to be the prevalent business model in U.S. health care delivery systems. IECC will never be permanently owned by any individual, old members leave and new members join. The costs of membership remain constant and equal for all current members. The “value” of ownership remains constant, one vote per member. IECC owner/members collectively own all the agreements and contracts for eye care and vision care services to all contracted payors and the subsequent revenue stream from these agreements. Everyone involved from Board Members to sales people, have financial incentives to increase reimbursements.

Apply networking dynamics to all areas of eye care services to benefit eye care providers and their patients.

The founding doctors of IECC realized early on the benefits of having a dynamic mission statement. The objective of creating a ‘network’ of independent providers would never change: To facilitate and protect independent practitioners. With a broad mission statement, the network was prepared to develop different programs to combat obstacles, as they would occur.

Our current structure involves coordinating services and business objectives in three distinct areas:


Promoting direct contracts with `payors` to provide eye care and vision care services to their members or employees.


Establishing a seamless regional eye care delivery system by fully integrating the participating providers.


Integrating ophthalmic products into our plans that improve our ability to compete.